IMPORTANT - Committee Safeguarding Online Workshop

Monday 3 April saw The FA launch the brand-new Safeguarding for Committee Members Workshop – an online course created specifically for grassroots club chairpersons, secretaries and welfare officers.

Free to take, the workshop covers topics including the role of the committee in Criminal Records Checks and safer recruitment, building a safe club, recognising and reporting harm and abuse, and a reflection of effective committees.


This means that a minimum of three committee members, including the chairperson, secretary and welfare officer, MUST complete it for clubs to affiliate in 2017/18 season. This will be extended to include the club treasurer for the 2018/19 season onwards. Other club officials may also access the course, although it is not mandatory at this point.

Developed by The FA Education and Safeguarding teams, the course is designed to provide a consistent level of safeguarding awareness across all youth clubs and to support them to embed the essential safeguards.

It is an act that supports The FA’s on-going commitment to ensuring safeguarding measures are embedded within grassroots football, something that was well received by a number of committee members that took part in the initial consultation stage.

Greg Clarke, Chairman of The FA, said: “It's really positive to see this free, online and easy to use Safeguarding for Committee Members course now online and available.

“It will go a long way to helping committee members improve their understanding of their safeguarding responsibilities and help them create an environment where the wellbeing of children and young people (under -8s) is central to all that they do.

“We’re truly grateful that volunteers give freely of their time to make football happen for children and young people, who depend on the adults in their club, to create a safe and fun environment, where they can grow in confidence, make friends and develop their skills and potential.”

Gordon Johnson, County Welfare Officer at Liverpool County FA, added: “The aim of the course is predominantly to raise awareness of safeguarding responsibilities for grass roots club officials.

“The FA appreciates that the majority of these people are volunteers hence this course being offered for free. However, it should be noted that moving forwards this is a mandatory requirement for all clubs prior to being re-affiliated for both the 2017/18 playing season and also for teams wishing to participate in summer leagues and competitions.

“Therefore this requires immediate action by a number of our clubs to smooth through the re-affiliation process.”   

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