RA-FA Youth Council

Over 40% of Liverpool County FA’s referees are aged 18 and under, while more than 60% of our referees are under 25.

As a result, we want to ensure that we are in a position to properly represent such a high proportion of our referees, hence why we introduced our RA-FA Young Referees Forum in 2014.

Representing referees aged 25 and under, our RA-FA Young Referees Forum influences the opportunities that are available for LCFA’s referees and is made up of a group of proactive referees from across the county. The group meets Bi Monthly in the council chamber at Liverpool County FA Offices, Walton Hall Park, Liverpool. L4 9XP. Meetings are usually being held in the months of August, October, December, February and April.

The LCFA group follows the lead of the National RA-FA Youth Council who you can follow @RAFAYthCouncil on Twitter.

Our members:

Chairperson: Aaron Jackson (Level 3)
Vice-Chairman: Benjamin Speedie (level 3)
Secretary: Liam Ockleshaw (level 4)
Assistant Secretary: Liam Corrigan (Level 4)
Want more information?

Learn more about the role of RA-FA Youth Councils by clicking here or alternatively call the LCFA Referees Department on 0151 523 4488.

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