All levels of football now operate under the match based discipline regulations, ensuring fairer levels of sanctions throughout all levels of the game.

There has been an important change to all levels of the game for the current season, with all standard charge suspensions now starting 14 days after the date of the offence, not 21 days as previously.

Changes in Discipline and Finance Processes

From the start of April 2015 the FA have made significant changes to the way County FAs and clubs process discipline and finance.  To read a document outlining all the changes please click HERE

Online Discipline

The functionality for Liverpool FA affiliated clubs to process discipline online is now live through the Whole Game System.

This move means that club secretaries and other officials can:

• Access Club discipline 24/7 online.
• View club discipline reports in real time.
• All your club’s discipline administration will be online.
• Pay your discipline online.
• Make a Claim for Mistaken Identity & Wrongful Dismissal.
• View Player Suspensions in real time.

For any club to have access to this fantastic new online facility, we need the club secretary to confirm that they are happy for this to be switched on their club, if they haven't indicated that to us already.

If you are a club secretary and want your entire club’s discipline to be moved online and all your correspondence to be delivered by e-mail, we need you to inform us by email at wgs@liverpoolfa.com

Once you have done this we will send you a confirmation e-mail within 7 days.

If you have any questions relating to discipline please contact us at discipline@liverpoolfa.com

 Disciplinary Sanction Guidelines 2014-15
 The FA Handbook - Season 2014-15

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