Young players in action.

Mini Soccer


Does your child want to play football and is between the ages of six and nine? Get them involved in Mini-Soccer!

The principles and rules of Mini-Soccer are similar to those in Association Football, except that the pitches are smaller and there are fewer players on each team.

Depending on the age group, the number of players and size of pitch can vary from five a-side for the youngest, to seven-a-side for the Under-10s.

Benefits of your child playing Mini Soccer:

More touches of the ball to increase participation and enjoyment
Fewer players on the pitch meaning simpler decisions and better understanding
Smaller pitches meaning greater concentration and interest among participants
More individual success leads to more children playing. In the long term, this leads to sustained participation levels beyond this age group

 There are plenty of opportunities for players to play Mini Soccer in Merseyside.

To find your nearest Mini Soccer session please contact our Football Development Team on 0151 523 4488.

Download The Mini-Soccer and Youth Futsal Handbook


Mark Horlick

Football Development Officer (Male Pathway)

Phone: 0151 523 4488 (208)

Mobile: 07736 157310


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