Teams Wanted for Junior Futsal League


The Ash Celtic Junior Futsal League are looking for teams to join their U7, U8 and U9 leagues that will be starting on Friday 26th October at Wavertree Tennis Centre

The futsal taster festival was a huge success last friday with over 20 teams playing futsal for pretty much the first time. All teams that took part have signed up for the league ensuring they will have a guaranteed game every week regardless of the weather.

The kick off times for each group will be 7s playing from 6-7pm the 8s from 7-8pm etc and again on full confirmation of all teams again you will know your fixture and time slot in advance of when you play.

It will be £12:50 per week per team and you can bring upto 8 players with you each week. You will not have to sign your players up to th league as its purpose is to develop any player of any ability. (Good sportmanship is expected with regards to this issue)

League matches will be 25 minutes rolling clock. (the stop clock rule is the official rule however this would not be the most enjoyable for such young players). Other rules such as the 5 team fouls resulting in a penalty and passing straight back to the keeper after recieving it off him will apply as will the 4 second rule for the players to kick the ball back in when it has gone out of play.

Going forward their may be meetings as to how the league will run in the future but as for now please Ricky Heywood on 07546617427 if you are interested or have any questions.

The FA considers Futsal to be the premium format of five-a-side football due to the skill-based technical merits that the game helps to nurture and develop. When the likes of Xavi claim that the game had a significant impact on his development, who are we to argue!

‘In Futsal you are able to see the small details of quality, class and tactical aspect. I like this game very much.’

Xavi Hernandes FC Barcelona and Spain.