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Below you will find information on all our staff and the roles they carry out at Liverpool County FA.

Direct email addresses are included, in addition to direct extension numbers. To call the main switchboard, please call 0151 523 4488 (Monday-Friday, 9.00am - 5.00pm).

The team can also be contacted via our main email address for enquiries -

               BOARD OF DIRECTORS

Chairperson: Ian Wild                                             CEO: Daniel Green                                             

Board Member: Gary Berwick                                Board Member: Alan Brown

Board Member: Paul Dawson                                Board Member: Patrick Farrell

Board Member: Joseph Gibiluri                              Board Member: Ravinder Gill

Board Member: David Harrison                              Board Member: David Horlick                                  

Board Member: David Watkins

Board Member: David Woods

staff members

chief executive officer


(T) 0151 523 4488 Ext. 104


Role: To lead the Liverpool County FA team and ensure the business represents the needs of its members.

safeguarding department

Designated Safeguarding Officer

(T) 0151 523 4488 (114)


Role: To act as a source of advice on safeguarding matters, but also support training and education.

referees department

Referee Development Officer

(T) 0151 523 4488 (102)


Role: To recruit, retain and develop referees of all levels across Merseyside

finance department

Finance Officer

(T) 0151 523 4488 (109)


Role: To manage the finances across the whole of the business

Supports: Everton FC

football development team

Football Development Manager (Facilities & Investment)

(T) 0151 523 4488 (119)


Role: To deliver the County FA's Football Development Strategy and develop strong partnerships with key stakeholders, oversee facilities and investment, and manages all Football Development Officers.

Supports: Everton FC

Football Development Officer (Women & Girls and Mar-Comms)

(T) 0151 523 4488 (110)


Role: To support and develop women and girls opportunities in Merseyside, and to support the delivery of FA initiatives at a local level; focusing on promotion, communication and customer feedback

Supports: Everton FC

Recreational Football Development Officer (Adult Football)

(T) 0151 523 4488 (121)


Role: To provide, support and develop opportunities for non-traditional formats of the game across Merseyside.

Supports: Everton FC

Disability Football Development Officer

(T) 0151 523 4488 (122)


Role: To support and develop disability football opportunities in Merseyside

Supports: Liverpool FC

football services team

Football Services Manager

(T) 0151 523 4488 (105)


Role: To work closely with our leagues and clubs on developing plans to support participation, oversee our FA Charter Standard Programme and manage all Football Services Officers.

Supports: Liverpool FC

Football Services Officer

(T) 0151 523 4488 (100)


Role: Administer all aspects of Liverpool FA discipline cases

Supports: Liverpool FC

Respect Officer

Role: Administer all aspects of the Respect Programme in Merseyside.

Supports: Liverpool FC