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Following a year that has been like no other, Liverpool County FA is mindful of the massive part we have to play in enabling people to utilise sport as an outlet for escape and enjoyment. 

Football is a remarkably powerful game, enjoyed by thousands on Merseyside.

Collectively, we’re committed to creating a better football experience – for the many, not the few.

To do that, we need to move forwards. We need to identify new revenue streams and protect existing ones so that we can best serve our business and drive that investment back into the grassroots game.

We need to value, develop and retain our most important asset. You.

We’re committed to building stronger, more compelling partners – both locally and nationally.

Understanding our game and the needs/expectations of our participants is crucial moving forward and embracing technology will help us achieve that understanding we seek.

Crucially, we want everyone involved in the game to experience the power of football through a positive, safe, well-run and enjoyable environment.

If we can succeed in this, we’ll be able to improve people’s lives in so many ways.




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