Corner Flag

Captains of Change

In order for there to be change, we need to create the right conditions for change: across the people, organisations and partnerships, with the potential to contribute and help turn our collective plans and ideas into action.

Finance and Investment
We need to develop a stronger, more robust/diverse financial and commercial model

People and Culture
Our people are our most important asset and are key to delivering and achieving the ambitions within our strategy

Partnerships and Collaboration
We can utilise our people, support and resources to engage more people, support and resources. Through collaboration, we can drive new revenue streams that help deliver a positive impact locally

Insight and Technology
As times are changing, it becomes more important that insight and technology is at the forefront of our organisation. Embracing technology will enable our people to make better, quicker and more informed decision, and help us understand our game far better

Good Governance
Good governance and a commitment to positive, safe, well-run and enjoyable environments is fundamental to our success both on and off the pitch