Our Vision and Our Mission

Liverpool County FA is here to develop and govern the game.

Our mission is to make grassroots football ACCESSIBLE, AFFORDABLE and ASPIRATIONAL across Merseyside, no matter who you are.

Grassroots football, like sport and physical activity on a broad scale, is shown to make people happier and healthier. It provides the same benefits to local communities, with life-changing, sustainable benefits that have a huge value, socially and economically.

In COVID-19, we’re emerging from one of the biggest global situations in history and we believe that football has a critical role to play to help tackle some of the region’s growing challenges.

  • Social isolation
  • Physical and mental wellbeing
  • Unemployment
  • Community cohesion

We know we need to invest back into the game to retain and grow participation.

We know we need to upskill the volunteer workforce.

We know we need to reduce inequalities.

We know we need to build safer and better places to play.

However, success can’t be achieved alone, so we’re committed to working with other like-minded organisations – locally, regionally and nationally – who share our vision for the potential that collaboration can provide with regards of the betterment of the grassroots game

Our Vision