Indoor Football During COVID-19

Latest Update: 24 September 2020 

The FA has confirmed that some indoor formats of the game may continue from 24 September 2020 with certain restrictions – such as groups of six strictly being adhered to – following the UK Government’s latest measures in relation to COVID-19

The rule of six will apply to all indoor organised football for anyone over the age of 18. As a result, indoor training and 3 v. 3 games can continue for adults but they must be limited to groups of no more than six people and follow The FA’s updated guidance on re-starting football. If groups of six adults are likely to mix during either indoor training or games they must not go ahead.

Everyone under the age of 18 or living with disabilities will be exempt from the rule of six. However, while indoor training and games will not be limited for these people, they must also follow The FA’s updated guidance on re-starting indoor football. 

All participants and staff involved in indoor football must also follow the UK Government’s latest COVID-19 measures in relation to face coverings; facility closing times and NHS test and trace:

Face coverings must be worn by staff at all times and by participants when they are not taking part in training, games or seated at a table to eat or drink; 
All indoor facilities – including those with club house bars – must close at 22:00; 
All indoor facilities must also support the UK Government’s guidance on NHS test and trace and implement the use of QR codes from 24 September 2020.

The UK Government’s latest COVID-19 measures are legal requirements and failure to follow them could result in fines.  

The FA’s updated guidance on re-starting football can be downloaded here