PitchPower is a free simple-to-use web app to help you inspect and improve your grass pitches, and help us achieve our ambition to transform grass pitches across the area - meaning more people can get active and enjoy great places to play.

Using your mobile phone or tablet, you can complete a pitch inspection at the touch of a button. Once you've submitted your results, experts at the Grounds Management Association (GMA) will produce an assessment report within 21 days with bespoke recommendations on how to enhance or sustain the quality of your grass pitches.


To get started, simply follow the instructions below.

  • Login or sign up for your free PitchPower account
  • Join your organisation and locate your ground
  • Head to your site and inspect your pitch(es) - we'll guide you through every step of the inspection process with our in-app support
  • Submit your results
  • Receive your bespoke assessment report with the maintenance and training recommendations you need to power up your grass pitch
  • Head to the Football Foundation website and apply for any eligible grass pitch funding identified in your report


Amy Horne

Facilities Investment Manager


From setting up your account to inspecting your pitch and receiving your assessment report, see the steps below to guide you through the PitchPower process.

To set up your account, simply follow these instructions:

  • Sign up here*
  • Join your Football organisation
  • Add the ground(s) you maintain
  • Locate the pitch(es) at the ground(s)

*We recommend using your mobile for this process. If you do need to use it on your desktop, please make sure you use a compatible web browser such as Google Chrome, and not Internet Explorer.

To get ahead, have the following to hand:

  • Details of the maintenance equipment you currently use
  • Your annual budget for maintenance/renovation
  • List of standard maintenance activities you carry out
  • Info on training courses you've completed 
  • Pitch cancellations/usage info

Once you've signed up, you can add the shortcut to your mobile phone home screen from the 'Settings' section. This will give you access to your PitchPower account at the touch of a button.

TOP TIP - We recommend you complete all of Step 1 and read the Football Foundation's FAQs before heading out onto the pitch. You can also watch their How-To videos here.

  • Head out to the pitch. Make sure you have a spade or a soil sampler, a tape measure and a camera phone with you.
  • Using your phone, go to PitchPower and sign in to complete a pitch inspection.
  • Complete an inspection for the pitches you maintain at your ground. If you have multiple pitches on your site, you'll need to complete a pitch inspection for each.

TOP TIP - More than one person can complete a pitch inspection at your site. They'll just need to create their own account and join the same organisation.

  • Submit your completed inspection
  • The Grounds Management Association (GMA) will review the information and assess the quality of your pitches
  • Once the GMA have reviewed your results, you'll receive a bespoke assessment report 
  • This will provide maintenance advice and practical recommendations to improve the quality of your grass pitches
  • Football clubs and organisations can then apply for any grass pitch funding identified in their report, provided they meet our eligibility criteria, on the Football Foundation's grant portal


Head to PitchPower today!

Need help maintaining your grass pitch?

grass pitch maintenance fund

Visit our dedicated page to find out more about the Football Foundation's Grass Pitch Maintenance Fund.