Online Compass Bronze Award

Liverpool FA Achieve Online Compass Bronze Award

Liverpool County FA is delighted to announce that it has been presented the Online Compass Bronze Award, acknowledging the Association’s commitment to online safety.

Achieved by Liverpool County FA on Safer Internet Day, which was held internationally on Tuesday 6 February, the Online Compass Bronze Award is presented as a result of the County FA working alongside Online Compass’ criteria in ensuring that the use of technology is as safe as possible for all involved. 

Online Compass analyses technology and then provides feedback to ensure that it can developed to deliver the safest possible experience for users. The Bronze Award is presented following a self-assessment of technology use, with the next stage – the Silver Award – presented following analysis from Online Compass’ team.

David Pugh, Chief Executive Office at Liverpool County FA, said: “As part of our continual review of all safeguarding matters, we have – on Safer Internet Day – registered and committed towards improving the online safety provision of the Association. I’m extremely pleased that we are able to evidence that, following on from our new website launch earlier this year. 

“We have attained the Online Compass Bronze Award now, based on our self-review and assessment of our Online Safety Provision. Our intention is to now continue working towards safer online provision and delivering the required evidence to support our application in achieving the next stage; the Silver Award.” 

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