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Referees Appointed to County Cup Finals

Liverpool County FA is delighted to announce details of referee appointments for this year’s County Cup finals, which are due to take place at Walton Hall Park in the coming months.

Each referee’s respective appointment is just reward for their outstanding commitment, service and accomplishment over the course of what has been another successful season for refereeing on Merseyside.

Everybody at Liverpool County FA would like to congratulate successful referees on their appointments, and wish them the best of luck overseeing their respective final.

Veteran’s Cup
Referee: Sean Lawrenson
Assistants: Tommy Murphy and Luke Davies
Fourth Official: Bernie Howard

Saturday Under-13 Boys’ Cup

Referee: Ben Moorcroft Moran
Assistants: Arthur Reece and Thomas Ottley
Fourth Official: Les Richards

Sunday Under-13 Boys’ Cup

Referee: Neil Bennett
Assistants: David Barnett and Matthew Baines
Fourth Official: Tommy Fitzpatrick

Saturday Intermediate Cup
Referee: Paul Sephton
Assistants: Joseph Hitchmough and Chris Mooney
Fourth Official: Paul Stevenson

Sunday Intermediate Cup
Referee: Eddie Pope
Assistants: Kevin Anderson and Benjamin Trill
Fourth Official: Mark Fewtrell

Saturday Junior Cup

Referee: Ian Berry
Assistants: Jack Deakin and Domonic Wallis
Fourth Official: Steven Wallis

Sunday Junior Cup
Referee: Chris Roberts
Assistants: Tom Jackson and Edward Eason
Fourth Official: Dave Giles

Under-14 Girls’ Cup
Referee: Jim Thompson
Assistants: Nicole Evans and Keith Norman
Fourth Official: Matthew Thomson

Under-16 Girls’ Cup

Referee: James Nolan
Assistants: David Williamson and Mark Dixon
Fourth Official: Phil Horan

Women’s Challenge Cup
Referee: David Chappell
Assistants: Neil Hennigan and Tom Rooney
Fourth Official: Peter Morton

Women’s Senior Cup

Referee: Tony Claro
Assistants: Joe Stam and Nathan Birch
Fourth Official: Robert Mulvey

Saturday Under-16 Boys’ Cup

Referee: Craig Andrews
Assistants: Joe Ormesher and Michael Lennon
Fourth Official: John Stanley

Sunday Under-16 Boys’ Cup
Referee: Jacob Vieira
Assistants: Scott Poole and Anthony Ferguson
Fourth Official: Steven Highdale

Sunday Premier Cup
Referee: Lewis Raper
Assistants: Kyle Matthews and Callum Jones
Fourth Official: Kristian Silcock

Saturday Challenge Cup
Referee: Stuart Morland
Assistants: Elliot Bell and Sam Orritt
Fourth Official: Luis Griffiths

Saturday Under-18 Youth Cup
Referee: Joshua Smith
Assistants: James Milburn and Joel Christopher
Fourth Official: Kevin Jones

Sunday Under-18 Youth Cup
Referee: Jez Clein
Assistants: Sam Worrall and Joel Worrall
Fourth Official: Jon Worrall

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