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Disabled Players Within Mainstream Leagues

An important note for leagues and team coaches.

Please could all leagues and team managers be aware of the following…

Should a player within a team registered within your league have a player who deems themselves disabled, can the team manager/coach of that team please confidentially make the referee aware of this prior to the game starting.

This is to ensure that the referee is fully prepared to support the individual/s during the game.

Example 1 - If a team has a player who has a hearing impairment then we would encourage the referee to use a flag in addition to his/her whistle

Example 2 - If a team has a player who has ADHD then it is a case of working with the individual and coach to ensure they get the best and supportive match day experience as possible.

Should you have any questions on the above, please email Liverpool County FA’s Disability Football Development Officer, Mark Horlick, via

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