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Huge Discount on Respect Equipment

As the football season gears towards its frantic finale, The FA and Football Foundation are renewing their efforts to ensure community football remains a positive environment for all, by offering a special six-week discount on Respect equipment.

With around 12 weeks to go until the curtain closes on the 2018/19 season, clubs and leagues are being given a unique 75% discount on all equipment available through The FA’s Respect scheme, including spectator-pros, signage boards and perimeter barriers.

The campaign was relaunched last year under a new mantra of ‘We Only Do Positive’, after research commissioned by The FA found that 90% of young footballers said they play better with support and encouragement and 92% get greater enjoyment from the sport when they play in a positive environment.

All equipment contains ‘We Only Do Positive’ messaging to promote the importance of positive behaviour at football and encourage players, parents and coaches to be respectful whilst in attendance, and applications are open to FA-affiliated clubs, leagues and County FAs.

Paul Thorogood, Chief Executive of the Football Foundation, said: “We have been working alongside The FA for nearly 20 years to ensure that community footballers enjoy the best possible experience of playing the game, in terms of both the facilities they play on and the general environment in which they play.

“The evidence is clear that community footballers of all ages would prefer to play in a positive environment, and we have already seen a significant improvement through the adoption of the ‘We Only Do Positive’ campaign. 

“I would strongly recommend that clubs and leagues take full advantage of the discount that is currently being offered to purchase Respect equipment. The more people that get behind the Respect campaign, the greater the momentum towards ensuring that everyone involved – players, coaches, volunteers and spectators – behave in the right manner, so that everyone can enjoy the benefits that we know football can bring. 

“This discount is a one-time only offer, so don’t miss out."

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