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Football Therapy Fridays Aims To Boost Physical & Mental Health

New weekly sessions aimed to improve physical and mental health.

Liverpool County FA is proud to announce the launch of a brand-new series of football sessions, aimed at improving men’s physical and mental health.

Football Therapy Fridays is a project that is set to commence on Friday 26 April 2019, with weekly sessions taking place at the brilliant new Jeffrey Humble Football Centre every Friday thereafter, costing just £2 a session to cover the cost of the facilities.

Organised in partnership with [me] united and the Jeffrey Humble Football Centre, the sessions will be an hour long, running between 1.00pm and 2.00pm, with the café facilities open ahead of the session to enable those in attendance to have a drink and a chat about anything they wish.

It’s a hard-hitting statistic that 84 men in the UK take their own lives EVERY WEEK. It’s a stat that equates to 12 men a day.

Over the past year, there has been a significant spotlight on mental health and the importance of opening up and talking, rather than keeping things bottled up inside. Liverpool FA, [me] united and Jeffrey Humble Football Centre are proud to emphasise the messages:

  • Lads, you don’t need to ‘man up’.
  • You don’t need to be ‘more of a man’.
  • It’s okay to talk about your mental health; it DOESN’T make you any less of a man
  • It’s okay not to be okay

Football Therapy Fridays is a great way to bring together people that do struggle with mental health issues, speak to people to realise that you’re not alone – and use football as a great way of improving physical health as well as mental health, with exercise proven to improve mental health significantly.

For more information on Football Therapy Fridays, or to register, please contact Mark Horlick, Football Development Officer at Liverpool FA, via 07736 157310 or on email at 

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