Boots with rainbow laces.

Rainbow Laces In Focus: Rainbow Laces Showcase Game 2019

We look ahead to this weekend's designated Rainbow Laces Showcase Game.

Liverpool County FA is proud to support Stonewall’s Rainbow Laces campaign, which campaigns for LGBT+ equality and inclusion within sport. 

Between November 22 and December 8, all levels of the game will be showing their backing to the campaign, with Liverpool County FA’s affiliated leagues, clubs and volunteers all getting involved.

As we mark the Rainbow Laces weeks of action, Liverpool County FA highlights clubs, individuals and activities that are joining the Association in campaigning for LGBTQ+ equality and inclusion within the beautiful game.


On Saturday 30 November, Liverpool County FA, with the support of both competing clubs, have chosen the North West Counties Football League Division One North game between St Helens Town and Ashton Town to be our Showcase Game for the 2019 Rainbow Laces campaign, which is run annually in conjunction with Stonewall UK.

The two teams will meet at St Helens Town’s Acroframe Stadium for the second time this season, in what always promises to be a closely contested local derby game.

This is the second year running that Ashton Town have participated in the campaign, with club chairman, Mark Hayes, stating earlier this month that: “Ashton Town are very proud to support the Rainbow Laces campaign. I myself am very passionate about inclusion and our football club being a hub for all.”  

The Rainbow Laces campaign has inspired around 7million people to feel more positive about LGBTQ+ inclusion in sport after seeing the campaign. 

Stonewall research has revealed that some 58% of sport fans who saw the campaign feel like they have responsibility to stick up for LGBTQ+ fans of the teams and sports they follow. As a result of seeing the campaign, around 4.8 million people say they would be more likely to challenge anti-LGBTQ+ language in sport.

Ashton Town Club Welfare Officer and Liverpool County FA Designated Safeguarding Officer, Gordon Johnson, added: “I am extremely pleased that both clubs have agreed to host the County FA Showcase Game for 2019. Football, together with having a competitive side to the game, is also about bringing people together from all walks of life to enjoy their favourite sporting pastime. 

“Both Ashton and St Helens being community clubs should be applauded for their willingness to not only be inclusive, but also in supporting this national initiative.”

For more information on the Rainbow Laces campaign, please click here