People's Hub

Free Heart Screening Event - 12 October 2019

A great opportunity for males and females aged between 16 and 35.

Every year, our good friends at Everton in the Community host a life-saving heart screening event – and this year is no different.

On Saturday 12 October, people aged between 16 and 35 can visit the People’s Hub to be screened during an event run in partnership with the Vital Signs Foundation.

This is a FREE event for both males and females; however booking in advance needs to be made.


Please only register if you can definitely attend, as each booking is potentially a life saved.

A maximum of 100 places are available at Saturday’s event.

What to Expect

On your arrival at the screening you will be greeted and asked to fill in a simple form giving basic details about you and your medical history. After that you will get your blood pressure checked.

You’ll then be greeted by one of the team's specialist nurses and taken into a private room where the ECG will take place. You’ll be asked to undress to the waist and women will put on a hospital gown. An Electrocardiogram (ECG) looks at the electrical conduction pathways around the heart. Small stickers known as electrodes are placed on your chest and the wires connect to an ECG machine whilst you lie still.

A printout of the heart’s electrical activity is then looked at by the cardiologist and discussed with you. This test is painless and takes only a few minutes to perform.

The consultant may want you to have an Echocardiogram (Echo). This is an ultrasound test (such as offered to pregnant women) which looks at the structure of the heart. From the information provided on screen, measurements are taken which give a guide to muscle thickness and size of the chambers of the heart. Again, this test is painless and takes approximately 20 minutes to perform.

So, there you have it - simple but extremely important!