Grassroots Football Awards 2020

GFA 2020 - Coach of the Year (Adults)

Liverpool County FA commences announcement of this year's award recipients.

In the coming days, Liverpool County FA will be announcing the winners of this year’s FA and McDonald’s Grassroots Football Awards (GFA), which acknowledge and celebrate the incredible leagues, clubs and volunteers involved in the game across Merseyside.

During what is a difficult time for so many of us, with grassroots football hit incredibly hard, it is a pleasure to be able to pay tribute to just some of the many factors that make our game so special – and emphasise why, when we can come back, we’ll come back stronger.


Everybody at Liverpool County FA would like to congratulate the winner of this year’s Coach of the Year (Adults) Awards, Neil Johnson of MSB Woolton Girls Open Age FC.

Nominated by Megan Holland, Neil has been awarded this accolade for the incredible work he’s put in to developing the club’s players – as Megan explained:

“Neil is one of the most passionate and driven people I know. Every Friday he trains us and motivates us, and makes sure we’re the best players we can be. Then, every Sunday, he gives his all to make sure we have a game on, no matter the weather. Whether it is changing venues or changing times, he does his best to make sure we have a game because his passion for the game and for our team is incomparable.

“On top of this, he attends every single meeting either the club or the County FA puts on in order to be the most informed as possible. He is a great motivator and team talker too. 

“I don’t know where Woolton Girls would be here without Neil today,” Megan added. “The impact he has had is huge. When Woolton Girls started, there was just one team, but now, a few years later, there is 13/14 teams ranging from U8s to open age. 

“For me personally, Neil has transformed my football career. He was my manager in my first season and after the end of that season, when he gave me Manager’s Player of the Season, it made me believe in myself and that I could be better. However, it is not just me he has this impact on, but many, many other girls. In addition to this, he strives for equality.

“The passion Neil shows on a Sunday is like no other. Whether he is running up and down shouting instruction and encouragement on the pitch, giving us pre-match motivational team talks or running down the line celebrating when we score, his passion and motivation is amazing. For me, he has achieved so much and I am proud to say that he is my coach. Considering when he started, he was just a parent of a girl at the club, his journey for the club and what he has done for not only me, but the all the other girls too, is an honour to be a part of and I can’t wait to see what more he does for us.”