LCFA Referee Wins Grassroots Match Official of the Year Award

We'd like to say a massive congratulations to #GRFA21 winner and LCFA referee Kristian Silcock!

Lockdown could, by its very nature, be something of a very solitary and lonely existence for people, especially those for whom football was a regular opportunity to socialise, exercise and enjoy the company of others.

It was having a big impact on people involved in the game, and one person who quickly became aware of this was Kristian Silcock, a match official in Liverpool. He knew many of his fellow officials would be feeling the effects of lockdown life, and so set about organising a support and training group to ensure they would always have someone to talk to, take inspiration from, and continue to develop their refereeing careers during the pandemic.

Kris’s group had an instantaneous and positive impact upon its members. Setting himself a personal goal through each lockdown, Kris ensured each of his fellow referees did likewise, giving them something constructive to aim for.

Kris’s aim was to get fitter, and he lost nearly 8kg in weight while another referee lost nearly 3 stone in weight. He shared training sessions and encouraged positivity for everyone, no matter what their results were.

His inspiring and personal approach to wellness gave other members the courage to speak up when things were tough, and he was able to guide and support one or two of them through some very dark personal moments.

Always available at the end of the phone or with text messages of encouragement, direction and praise, Kris has been a rock for his fellow match officials, and the group still continues to this day.

In fact, such is Kris’s impact that his nominee stated he “would love a Kris Silcock watch” due to the fact that he manages to find time for everyone. An inspiration to his fellow officials, not to mention an incredible source of support and kindness, Kristian Silcock is this year’s Grassroots Match Official of the Year.

LCFA CEO Daniel Green said, "We'd like to wish Kristian a massive congratulations from us all at Liverpool County FA. The work you've carried out over the past year has been truly inspirational, and this award is well-deserved."

Congratulations, Kristian!