Grounds Management Association Webinar

The GMA are hosting a free online webinar that will feature a range of guest panellists.

Taking place on Thursday 15 July from 7pm - 8pm, the Grounds Management Association will be hosting a webinar about 'Integrated Pest Management'.

This session aims to provide you with the information needed to create and implement an Integrated Pest Management regime on your natural turf playing surfaces at both a professional and amateur level. The session will specifically focus on proactive cultural and mechanical methods for control and prevention.

The expert speakers will include; Jim Buttar - Head Groundsperson at Twickenham, Adrian Kay - Head Groundsman at York Racecourse and the GMA’s Darren Symonds, Key Account Manager RFU.

This webinar run through the following:

1. What is Integrated Pest Management and why is it important?
2. The importance of cultural and mechanical vs chemical
3. Identifying turf pests
4. Causes
5. Prevention and control methods
6. Recovering from pest/disease damage
7. Questions

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