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Liverpool County FA Reveals New Three-Year Strategy

Liverpool County FA welcomes the start of a new era for grassroots football development through the release of a new three-year strategy.

Liverpool County FA is excited to welcome the start of a new era for grassroots football development of Merseyside, marked by the launch of a new three-year business strategy highlighting the way in which the County FA intends to boost football for all.

Launched as the region continues to emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic, the aim of the three-year strategy is to develop the game and make grassroots football more accessible, affordable and aspirational for everybody across Merseyside.

A key focus of the strategy is ways in which standards of the game can be raised through a combination of investment and working alongside partners to maximise the potential for grassroots football.

Daniel Green, Chief Executive Officer at Liverpool County FA, said: “After a year that’s been like no other, we’re mindful of the huge part we have to play in ensuring that people are able to utilise football as an outlet to escape and enjoy. The game is powerful and enjoyed by thousands on Merseyside, so collectively we’re committed to creating a better football experience – for the many, not the few.”

Over the next three years, Liverpool County FA will aim to identify new revenue streams and protect existing ones to that the County FA can best serve as a business and drive investment back into the grassroots game.

Green added: “In order for us to achieve our collective goals, we need to value, develop and retain our most important asset – the people who love and are dedicated to grassroots football on Merseyside.

“We’re also committed to building stronger, more compelling partners both locally and nationally – and understanding the needs and expectations of our participants is crucial moving forward. We want everyone involved in the game to experience the power of football through a positive, safe, well-run and enjoyable environment.

“If we can succeed in this, we’ll be able to improve people’s lives in so many ways.”

Please click here to download Liverpool County FA’s 2021-24 Business Strategy in full, or click here to visit a new dedicated section of the Liverpool County FA website.