Youth football

DBS applications initiated through Whole Game System

The FA were now providing clubs with the ability to appoint a nominated person(s) to complete club DBS verifications.

We recognise that DBS verifications can often be a time-consuming process, particularly when volunteers are reliant on LCFA to complete the verification. You will also appreciate that at certain points in the season, demand for DBS applications, verification and renewals is very high and therefore puts greater pressure on resource at LCFA.

To help make this process more efficient and volunteer friendly, in the next two weeks ALL clubs will now be able to verify DBS applications unique to your club via the Whole Game System (WGS). 

Clubs who have not moved over to this process, will now receive an email via the Club Secretary, from FA Checks: This will contain their Organisational PIN, guidance and a time limited activation link, to activate their account.  Please look out for it and action. Additional guidance for Clubs on how to initiate DBS through the WGS can also be found here.

LCFA will continue to support DBS applications, renewals and verifications alongside the club and so if you and/or your volunteers need any support, please contact

We hope this will be a welcome addition for the club and support you and your volunteers.