Liverpool FA – Update

The LCFA team have issued an important update regarding Player Registration.

Dear Club / League Secretaries and Registration Officers,

We want to apologise to you all for the issues that you are currently facing with Player Registration on the FA’s Club Portal. We fully comprehend the impact this is causing in your preparations for the new season and therefore adding greater pressure on you and your fellow volunteers.

Whilst those systems are not directly managed or operated by Liverpool FA, we recognise that the experience in recent weeks falls short of what you would normally expect. Despite this, we want to assure you that we are working hard to resolve those issues we can resolve ourselves and where that isn’t possible, liaising with The FA to ensure the outstanding national issues are resolved as quickly as possible.

Several Leagues have taken the decision to push back their start dates whilst the FA work on rectifying the errors in the Club Portal system. However, the FA have issued the following updated guidance that all Leagues can adopt in the interim:

• A league may utilise an alternative registrations process to the FA Club Portal for players that their clubs have been genuinely unable to register due to system errors in the Portal.
• A league can create its own process as this alternative, or customise the FA created option at this link- (this form is an example)
• A league must set a date no later than the 31/10/21, for clubs to have transferred all players registered through their alternative process into the FA Club Portal
• A league must notify their CFA that they are using an alternative process and share that process with the CFA
• A league that applies these guidelines will be considered to be within the SCOR/SCORY and will maintain its sanction.

If you wish to follow the above guidance, please contact Isaac Pollard on

Liverpool FA continue to support you so you can begin your season as quicky and efficiently as possible and we fully appreciate your continued patience and understanding.

Liverpool FA Staff