Parents in Sport Week

Parents in Sport Week 4 - 10 October 2021

Together, we can keep children safe in sport.

Liverpool County Football Association is proud to support the NSPCC Child Protection in Sport Units ‘Parents in Sport’ week.

Lystra Landon, Designated Safeguarding Officer has stated ‘LCFA is committed to safeguarding and protecting children and young people in youth football, across all our programmes and activities. Safeguarding is everyone’s responsibility. Therefore, everyone involved in grassroots football, including parents/carers must play their part.

Parents in Sport week is an opportunity to celebrate the tremendously valuable role parent and carers play in Sport. From driving children to training and games, helping on match day, organising fundraising events, and providing a listening and supportive ear, parents play an essential role in supporting children in football.

We are encouraging Clubs and Leagues to use Parents in Sport Week as a reminder to inform and involve parents and to build a positive environment where importantly children, young people, whether playing, officiating, or coaching, can thrive.

The NSPCC will be launching several new resources for parents, to help up-skill them on keeping their child safe in sport.

This year, the NSPCC is aiming Parents in Sport Week directly at parents whose children take part in the sports we work with, to give them everything they need to be part of the bigger safeguarding picture in sport.

As part of this year's campaign, the NSPCC will be launching several new resources for parents to help skill them up on keeping their child safe in sport, these include:

• a new animation for parents on what abuse might look like in sport and how to get help
• a short, interactive e-learning course for parents on how to keep children safe
• a new look parents' hub on the CPSU website, which parents can use as a one-stop-shop for safeguarding information

Clubs and Leagues can sign up to support the campaign, as the NSPCC will need lots of help to reach parents whose children are involved in your sports this year. So, they can help by:

• asking parents in your club to take the NSPCC e-learning course
• pinning the animation to your social media profiles during the week
• spreading the word about our resources on social media using #ParentsinSportWeek

Together we can keep children safe in sport!