Safeguarding Adults Week

Find out what you can do for Safeguarding Adults Week.

Ensuring adults, particularly those who are vulnerable, are protected whilst playing football is of huge importance to Liverpool FA.

During this Safeguarding Adults Week, which is led by the Ann Craft Trust, we encourage everyone in our community to look at the following:

Liverpool FA Safeguarding and Welfare Section

Our Safeguarding and Welfare section is divided into easy-access sections so everyone in the grassroots football community has a place they can go to.

This includes a dedicated Safeguarding in Adult Football page.

England Football Safeguarding Courses

England Football Learning has a course dedicated to safeguarding adults.

This FREE course will take under an hour and will equip you with knowledge on how to ensure you are doing all you can to provide support.


Ann Craft Trust

Our friends at the Ann Craft Trust who are committed to minimising the risk of abuse of disabled children and adults at risk.

They have posted a variety of links and materials you can use to improve your knowledge.

They are also running online seminars every day this week tackling different aspects of safeguarding adults.

Find out more on

If you have any questions about supporting adults in your area, contact our Designated Safeguarding Officer, Lisa Morrison, on