silent support

Sign up for Silent Support

We encourage clubs across our region to sign up for Silent Support weekends.

For players, your silence is golden.

What is Silent Support?

Silent Support helps create a more positive space for players, coaches and spectators. The idea is to cut down on unnecessary distraction from the sidelines.

How does Silent Support work? 

Instead of confusing shouts and rebukes from spectators, players are encouraged by their applause only. Rather than hearing lots of voices offering conflicting instructions, players might only hear the voice of their coach – or from no-one at all if that’s the way you want to play it.

When do you run a Silent Support game? It’s up to you! You can run them at any time you see fit as a helpful tool, or when you feel you need to as an impactful intervention.

There are two ways to run silent support weekends:

  • To run games with the coach voice only
  • To run games that are completely silent

You can download social media pictures and posts here for you and your clubs can edit and share if you all decide to give Silent Support a go. 

After running a Silent Support game please complete our short survey here, so that we can hear as many opinions as possible about the experience.

The FA will be running a Silent Support National Event soon. We’ll keep you posted on dates and details but, for now, click here to download a PDF with more information.