LCFA Sefton

LCFA Sefton - Access Road update

We are delighted to have finalised an agreement with Sefton Council and Sefton Highways for the LCFA Sefton access road.

Liverpool FA are delighted to offer an update on the next steps for the LCFA Sefton access road, into the car park.

Whilst Liverpool FA and LCFA Sefton do not own this access road, it is also unadopted by the council; meaning that LCFA are not able to do their own works to the road, and Sefton Council do not regularly upkeep the surface. 

However, Liverpool FA have now finalised an agreement with Sefton Council and Sefton Highways, to ensure that the road will be completely rebuilt at LCFA’s cost, and then continually maintained by Sefton Highways moving forwards. 

Keeping the site fully operational during this time for our stakeholders, staff and the local community is at the forefront or our work plan. Unfortunately, there will be a period of road works commencing 8th April and lasting approximately two months. 

From the 8th April, a temporary access road will be put in place to enter the site at an earlier access and egress point. This road will be monitored by temporary traffic lights and will be almost entirely within the LCFA Sefton landscape. 

Tony Smith, CEO of Liverpool FA said: “This is a massive sigh of relief to all of our staff, stakeholders and customers, whom have been struggling with the access road for such a long term; in fact, since before Liverpool FA found our home here. We are forever grateful to the local residents for their patience, and whilst we have had our hands tied with doing any works to the access, we are delighted to now be able to move it forward and for the council to complete the works and maintain it long into the future. We hope that you’ll continue to be patient during the roadworks period, knowing that the future is smooth and simple once completed.”

Liverpool FA will be holding an update meet and greet for the local community on Tuesday 9th April at LCFA Sefton from 5pm – 6.30pm, where we look forward to welcoming any questions, queries and discussing time frames.