frank soo cup

The Frank Soo Cup is back in Liverpool

We are delighted to once again be hosting the Frank Soo Cup on behalf of the Frank Soo Foundation.

On 23rd of June 2024 the Frank Soo Cup will be hosted by The Frank Soo Foundation in partnership Liverpool County FA.

The Frank Soo Foundation is a non-profit organisation for East Asian communities, actively working across the country and even in European sides to promote forgotten legacy of Frank Soo and create inclusive environment for ESEA communities.

Last season, we had around 100 participants coming from Liverpool, Manchester and even Birmingham to learn trailblazing story of Frank Soo, the first ever East Asian background to represent England in 1930s. With a great opportunity to connect with LCFA as well as other ESEA teams in North, it is hoping to bring teams to affiliate in the league.

To register in the tournament, click the button below.