She Inspires


The She Inspires Football League

The monthly league, hosted at LCFA Sefton on Sundays, launched in October 2019 and has grown ever since, with the over 25 teams involved, the most there’s ever been.

Games are played either five or six-a-side, with 24-minute matches consisting of two 12-minute halves.

A key development to the league has been the introduction of ability banding, meaning that teams are playing against teams of similar abilities.

The She Inspires Football League hosts fixtures each month and is open to women aged 18 or above who are either beginners or returning to football after a break.

One participant said: “I had an amazing day in what I initially thought was a charity tournament which has since turned into a league. What a brilliant group of girls. It’s nice to do something for myself; just a group of footy mums having a go!”

To make the competition open to even more females across Merseyside, Liverpool County FA is also aiming to add a Walking Football division to the league.

For more information on the League and its teams, please contact Ellie Fox on Ellie.Fox@LiverpoolFA.com