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The FA has recently announced further investment into disability football via The FA Disability Workforce Fund (DWF), which has seen the creation of a network of 29 disability-specific football development officers, each with a remit of retaining and growing participation levels.

Over the next two years, DWF will see team numbers reach over 2600, 1000 recreational turn-up-and-play centres will be created and 145 disability football education courses will be delivered to over 2300 coaches. 

The FA works in partnership with County FAs like ourselves and a range of other partners to ensure opportunities to play exist at a local level across a number of pathways. There has been significant growth in recent years that has seen the number of disability specific team’s increase from 384 in 2009 to over 2000 as of January 2017.

For more information, please contact our Disability Football Development Officer.


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Mark Horlick

Disability Football Development Officer

Phone: 0151 523 4488 (122)
(9am - 5pm Monday - Friday)

Email: Mark.Horlick@LiverpoolFA.com

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