We value and recognise the important role that referees play in both grassroots and professional football.

With around 1,000 grassroots football matches played across the Merseyside area alone each weekend, we aim to maintain a strong and reliable workforce of match officials.

Our referee department aims to recruit new of match officials, support all our existing match officials to ensure we retain their services. Furthermore, we offer training and development programmes to all our referees, so they are fully able to service the needs of the level of the game they operate at

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Referee Development Officer

0151 523 4488 (Ext 108)

get into refereeing

Find out more about how to take your first steps in refereeing.

- Refereeing is a great way to be involved in football

- There are opportunities for everyone

- Remain active in the game following injury or retirement

- Make new and lasting friends within the game

Development and Courses

Liverpool County FA wants to help all referees reach their full potential.

If you're just getting into refereeing, the FA Basic Referee Course is perfect for you.

If you're a newly qualified referee, you can apply to join our Referee Academy, whilst the more experienced officials can put themselves to the test in The FA Referee Promotion Scheme.

A helping Hand

RefereeingĀ Support

From the moment an aspiring official books a place on the FA Basic Referee Course to the moment a referee retires from the game, we work to provide the best support to match officials.