FA Safeguarding Workshop

Child Safeguarding in European Football

The UEFA child safeguarding in Eurpoean football platform has recently undergone a few changes.

From now on, any participants who complete an online course will receive a certificate. Previously, only users with a UEFA or a national association email address could receive a certificate.

UEFA encourages you to stay connected with other UEFA child safeguarding network members and continue learning. Browse our free online courses to gain the skills you need to help keep children safe from abuse or any other forms of harm:  

1. Awareness raising on child safeguarding in football

2. Child safeguarding for coaches

3. Child safeguarding for staff

4. Child safeguarding for child safeguarding focal points

The courses are available in English, French, German, and Russian.

UEFA will be sending out newsletters at regular intervals, but no more than once a month. They will provide updates about the platform and the UEFA child safeguarding programme as well as items of interest and links to recommended resources, such as those below.

If you would like to receive these newsletters then please register with the network


Recommended resources 

Child Safeguarding Toolkit for UEFA member associations

The child safeguarding toolkit for European football has been developed by UEFA and Terre des hommes to help national associations take measures to protect and safeguard children from abuse and respond to any concerns. Click here for more.

Overview of the sport-related impacts of COVID-19 pandemic on children

This paper focuses on the potential impacts of COVID-19 on children associated with sport. It was compiled based on the input of 37 experts and practitioners in the fields of child rights, protection, and safeguarding in sport. Click here for more.

Understanding sexual offending and the grooming and entrapment process (webinar)

The NSPCC Child Protection in Sport Unit (CPSU) has released the recording of the webinar discussing sexual offending and the grooming and entrapment process, looking at what this means for the sporting environment and outlining actions organisations can take to address the risks of child sexual abuse within sport. Click here for more.

Procedures for engaging online with under-18s for coaches/managers

The FA encourages the appropriate use of social media to help run your teams and leagues, communicate with players (via their parents/carers when under-16), and appoint referees, log results and much more. Click here for more.