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Football is a remarkably powerful game, enjoyed by thousands on Merseyside. We at Liverpool FA, want to create a better football experience – for the many, not the few.

Football is for everyone and we’re determined to breakdown barriers which prevent progress.
At the FA and here at Liverpool FA, equality, diversity and inclusion means valuing and celebrating our differences. Nurturing the right working environment and culture means everyone thrives and can be themselves.


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Monday to Friday 9am - 5pm

For the game, it means everyone's welcome, ensuring differences between us do not create barriers to getting into football and staying involved.
Differences can be something tangible like gender, race and ethnicity. Less obvious differences include heritage, religion, sexual orientation, unseen disabilities, family or social status and age.
We believe embracing equality, diversity and inclusion makes us stronger, and better equipped to meet the challenges of the modern game.
Despite our individual differences, one thing should never be different – the game is FOR ALL.
Liverpool FA supports the FA’s vision of Inclusion and we feel football has the power to change lives. We currently deliver inclusion projects in the female, male and disability player pathways as well as delivering a coach network and offering coach bursaries for underrepresented groups. We are working closely with community organisations to deliver new and exciting projects in the future.

Download our equality policy document


Equality, Diversity and Inclusion covers so many attributes, far beyond ethnic background and religion. It includes gender, age, ability and so much more that we can draw from to better understand the make-up of our grassroots community.

By completing the Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) section via MyAccount, you have the ability to shape the future of football in Merseyside. 

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