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Accessing Parklife Hubs - QR Codes

With Merseyside's new parklife hubs open - everybody accessing these sites are reminded that a individual qr code is required - and that a zero-tolerance policy will be in effect from 19 november 2018.

This includes all teams and leagues playing/spectating, and match officials, at the Heron Eccles and Jeffrey Humble hub.

Already, over 10,000 people have registered to use the new facilities across the county.

EVERYBODY wishing to access the hubs in ANY football capacity, whether they are players, coaches, referees, volunteers or spectators, will require an INDIVIDUAL QR code in order to gain access. 

Anyone who will be going to the new hubs in any football capacity (including referees and spectators) will need an INDIVIDUAL QR Code to get into the site.

You can, when registering yourselves, also register several children/adults as well, and they will link to your login details.

Once registered the system will generate an individual QR Code for your additional children/adults and this code MUST be download for each of those individuals.

Their codes will appear when you login. You can print the QR Code off or take a picture/screenshot of it on your mobile so you can enter the sites.



For any information or support, please contact Leisure United direct, by emailing

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