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LCFA Club Welfare Officer and League Welfare Officer Support

Find out more about the support we offer to Club and League Welfare Officers.

Football is proud to have a network of 8,500 welfare officers across the grassroots youth game, supporting safe and fun environments for everyone.

Here at LCFA, we have over 240 volunteers!

if you are already a welfare officer, thank you for all that you are doing and our continued to commitment to safeguarding.

We recognise the roles of Club and League Welfare Officer can be rewarding but also challenging. With that in mind, LCFA have been developing a range of assets to help support you with the role and responsibilities of a Club and League Welfare Officer.

Designated Safeguarding Officer (DSO) Lystra Landon said: “Club and League Welfare Officers play a vital role in the grassroots game, helping to ensure both children and young people and vulnerable adults can play in a safe, fund and enjoyable environment across Liverpool.

“As with all volunteers, the grassroots game would suffer tremendously without the commitment, dedication and sacrifice of our network of Club and League Welfare Officers.

“We recognise that the roles of Club and League Welfare Officers can be particularly challenging and at times, lonely due to the sensitivity and confidentiality you are required to demonstrate.

“LCFA, through our Designated Safeguarding Officer and wider Safeguarding Team, are committed to support our Club and League Welfare Officers and we hope that the support on offer – both online and offline – will be of benefit to you and your wider club/league network.

“On behalf of everyone at LCFA, thank you for your continued help, support and dedication to grassroots football.”

Throughout the season you’ll find access to a range of assets including:

Regular e-newsletters and emails

Please see the Play Safe issue here.

Our newly-updated Safeguarding and Welfare section of the website

This has easy-to-access safeguarding information and resources in dedicated sections for all participants. Read more here.

Weekly Safeguarding Hour

This takes place on Mondays between 12-1pm. The Designated Safeguarding Officer (DSO), Lystra Landon, will be on hand to answer your queries.

Welfare Officer Support Sessions

These will take place twice a season to share safeguarding information. We recently held two support sessions on 26th and 27th January 2022 for Welfare Officers.  This provided an opportunity to share information about the safeguarding team, how to report concerns and information about welfare officers, initiating DBS applications through the WGS for their coaches. Information was also provided on lessons learned from the Voice of the Child survey and poor practice.

WhatsApp Group for LCFA Welfare Officers

We have implemented this in response to feedback from Welfare Officers. It was launched on Thursday 3rd February and we currently have over 20 members. If you are interested, please see an email correspondence sent by the Designated Safeguarding Officer on 3rd February 2022, for the link and Group rules.